Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Our Neighbourhood

The lane in front of Butler's House was once the island's Main Road, bustling with activity from dawn to dusk. It's now a quiet village lane, dotted with charming chattel houses, whose beginnings certainly pre-date my birth.

Homes that can easily be dismantled or moved, chattel houses were much favoured by plantation workers who could literally take their homes with them when leaving a job.

A lane leading to the sea...

A local watering hole...

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Love Dove's

Two Love Dove's (Mourning Doves) joined us this week on the front veranda, building what looks to be their first home together. Like most new couples, they've had their share of spats...strutting around with one wing and battling it out. Then one sits atop the other and all seems well...

They've been having some difficulty building the nest with twigs falling through the cracks.

We haven't seen them all day; I fear they're searching for better accommodations. Here's a pic of one caught while surveying the property!