Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Whale Watching from Butler's

We had front row seats to a spectacular show today. Humpback whales are now making their way past Nevis and we have fabulous views from our front veranda. Their annual trek past Nevis takes place from January through April during their courtship and mating rituals.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Resident Crab

Apparently, we have a resident crab who calls home the top of our drive.

I caught first glimpse of him last November when we were clearing up the tree trimmings...

There have been other sightings since then by guests...all in the same place. This is either a land crab or hermit crab, also known as a soldier crab. Based on where this one lives, he's probably a hermit crab. They are scavengers, feeding on dead leaves and branches, adding essential ingredients and helping the environment, according to local expert Jim Johnson.

Regardless of its contributions, we may have to start charging rent soon!

Agricultural Show

Sadly, we missed this year's Agricultural Show. Now in its 16th year, we went for the first time last year with neighbour Rodwick Griffiths.

It's held in March and promotes the value of local agriculture to further developing and strengthening Nevis' economy. For us, it was just a great way to get closer to Nevis.

Last year we consumed an abundance of gorgeous food--so much to choose from. Even had my first lesson from a Nevisian on getting served when one among many. Just push through and be bold. Otherwise, you'll go hungry...

We were surrounded by beautiful faces....

and glorious home grown fruit and veg....

with entertainment provided by some very enthusiastic dancers from the local schools.

Hopefully, we'll make it next year...

Cattle Grazing & Ghaut Exploring

This is how all of the surrounding Butler's House property looked when Tim and I first bought the place in 2005.

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that as recently as 30-40 years ago, the land Butler's House sits on was cleared and cattle could be seen grazing on the terraces above the house. But, it's true as we were told by neighbour Dennis Small. What a site that must have been...

So now we know that Butler's fertile ground has not only reaped cotton and indigo, it also has sustained animals... beyond just the insatiable green monkeys.
Add to that the chicken coop once located in the cellar and a whole new picture of Butler's emerges...

At one time, Butler's also boasted a land filled with luscious mango trees, many located around the ghaut that Tim is standing in (with machette at the ready) on the western edge of the property.

Our plan is to tidy the area up a bit to let more light in, bringing back those once prolific mango trees and, to carve out an interesting and easy to navigate path to the top of our boundary and beyond, up the mountain.