Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cattle Grazing & Ghaut Exploring

This is how all of the surrounding Butler's House property looked when Tim and I first bought the place in 2005.

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that as recently as 30-40 years ago, the land Butler's House sits on was cleared and cattle could be seen grazing on the terraces above the house. But, it's true as we were told by neighbour Dennis Small. What a site that must have been...

So now we know that Butler's fertile ground has not only reaped cotton and indigo, it also has sustained animals... beyond just the insatiable green monkeys.
Add to that the chicken coop once located in the cellar and a whole new picture of Butler's emerges...

At one time, Butler's also boasted a land filled with luscious mango trees, many located around the ghaut that Tim is standing in (with machette at the ready) on the western edge of the property.

Our plan is to tidy the area up a bit to let more light in, bringing back those once prolific mango trees and, to carve out an interesting and easy to navigate path to the top of our boundary and beyond, up the mountain.

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