Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Brief Week

Day Three at Butler's...Our first stop after the airport was Bernice's house where husband James was cutting coconuts for Jelly (coconut juice)...sweet but not sugary sweet if that makes sense. After sharing a coconut's worth between us, Tim and I were off to Butler's...

We were almost giddy at our first site of it. The gardens are at their best...with century plants in full bloom, towering over the cactus. The new drive is settling in...and the House, well it's home.
Guests have left us with some wonderful finds, including a "sea fan" (need to find out more about them) and the shells that protected some prickly sea creatures. Adding those to the curio cabinet of pottery shards.

As we sat on the side terrace last night, bats were playing what looked liked tag--racing back and forth from the pool through the trees. We had never seen that before but guests have mentioned being entertained by the bat activities. Even if bats aren't your thing, it is a wonderful site to see...they look like playful birds but from another time...

The monkeys have been keeping their distance...but I'm sure they'll be visiting soon.

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